Terms and Conditions

Hire of Whittlesford Memorial Hall is subject to the following terms and conditions:

These “Conditions of Hire” form part of each agreement for the hiring of Whittlesford Memorial Hall Complex and no amendment may be made hereto unless agreed in writing by the Trustee.

  1. DEFINITIONS: In these Conditions of Hire, the following terms mean:

  1. “Trustee”: Whittlesford Parish Council as designated sole Trustee of the Whittlesford Memorial Hall Trust and as represented by the Managing Board appointed to act on its behalf and its Booking Clerk designated on the Booking Request form. For the purposes hereof notices given to or by the Trustee’s Booking Clerk shall be deemed to have been given to or by the Trustee.

  2. “Hirer”: the person entering into the hire agreement, who must be aged at least eighteen. If alcohol is to be consumed on the Complex, the Hirer must be a Whittlesford resident.

  3. “Caretaker” the person designated at the bottom Booking Request & Booking Confirmation forms.

  4. “Complex”: the whole of the Whittlesford Memorial Hall and Millennium Suite buildings and grounds up to and including the site boundaries.

  5. “Premises”: the parts of the Complex hired by the Hirer, including central facilities to which access is granted including, if appropriate, the Foyer, exit lobby, kitchen, bar, toilets, stores, cleaner’s room, car park and grounds.

  6. “Hire Fee”: the hire fees set out in the Booking Confirmation form provided by the Trustee to the Hirer and/or such other sum or sums as shall become due under these Conditions of Hire. Such sums are normally based on the Scale of Fees and Charges attached to the Booking Request form.

  7. “Deposit”: such sums of deposit as are set out in the Booking Confirmation provided by the Trustee to the Hirer as security against damages and other costs, which shall be refundable within 28 days of the completion of the final Hire Period, subject to the deduction by the Trustee of any additional Hire Fees, costs or charges which become payable by the Hirer hereunder.

  8. “Hire Period”: one of the Hire Fee time bands set out in the current “Scale of Fees, Charges and Deposits” or such other time bands as are set out in the signed Booking Request and subsequently confirmed or amended in a Booking Confirmation provided by the Trustee.

  9. “Making Good”: restoring all parts of the Complex affected by the hiring to the condition in which they were found, including but not limited to repair or replacement of damage or shortages, however caused, washing, cleaning or redecorating of surfaces, cleaning or replacement of catering equipment and Catering Utensils as appropriate, removal of the Hirer’s rubbish and property including any food or drink stored in refrigerator, properly restacking furniture and equipment in the appropriate stores and the like.

  10. “Access Token”: a pre-programmed token issued to the Hirer, allowing access via the entrance facing Duxford Road.

  11. “Catering Utensils”: the crockery, cutlery, pots, pans and other utensils listed in the “Inventory of Catering Utensils”

  12. “Stage Extension System”: the proprietary stage extension system, which may be used to create a stage extension, catwalk, or the like.

  1. THE HIRE: The Hire Agreement shall comprise these Conditions of Hire together with the Booking Request form signed by the Hirer and the Booking Confirmation form provided by the Trustee to the Hirer. Where the provisions of the Booking Confirmation form amend those of the Booking Request form then payment by the Hirer of any part of the Hire Fee and/or Deposit shall be deemed to confirm the Hirer’s agreement that the provisions of the Booking Confirmation form shall apply.

If the Trustee requires the Hirer to make an advance payment of a part of the Hire Fee in order to reserve the required Hire Period, such payment shall be made within seven days of receipt of the Booking Confirmation form.

The Hirer shall pay the balance of the Hire Fee to the Trustee not less than seven days before the Hire Period commences and shall pay the Deposit in cash to the Caretaker or other representative of the Trustee on receipt of the Access Token. If any sums in addition to the agreed Hire Fee become payable by the Hirer under these Conditions of Hire, the Trustee may deduct such sums from the Deposit. If the total of such sums exceed the Deposit, the balance shall be payable by the Hirer.

In consideration of payment as aforesaid the Trustee shall permit the Hirer to use the Premises for the agreed purposes and Hire Periods only but by so doing confers no tenancy or right of occupation to the Hirer.

  1. USE OF THE PREMISES: The Hirer shall use only those parts of the Complex which form part of the agreed Premises, including appropriate related central facilities. If any other part of the Complex is used these Conditions of Hire shall apply to such use and additional Hire Fees, deposits, damages, etc. shall be applicable and payable. This Condition shall not imply the consent of the Trustee to extend the area of the Premises, without its prior written agreement.

The Hirer shall before, during and after each hire period:

  1. take such steps as are necessary to prevent unauthorised access to the Premises.

  1. be responsible for and supervise the Premises and all persons thereon, including but not limited to the Hirer’s servants, agents, members, guests, customers, staff and contractors, to ensure the safety of the Complex, its contents, users and the public.

  2. monitor and control the behaviour of all persons for whom he or she is responsible.

  3. properly supervise car parking arrangements so as to avoid obstruction of the highway and provide sufficient capable attendants for this purpose.

  4. not make any alteration or addition to the Premises nor install any fixtures or attachments thereto without the prior written approval of the Trustee. Any such approved alteration, addition, fixture or attachment shall at the discretion of the Trustee either remain in the premises at the end of the hiring and become the property of the Trustee, or be removed by the Hirer, in which case the Hirer shall make good any damage caused to the Complex by such removal to the Trustee’s satisfaction.

  5. not sub-hire the Premises

  6. not allow or permit the following without the Trustee’s prior written approval:

  • use of the Premises for any purposes other than those agreed.

  • acts or performances which might involve danger to the public

  • acts or performances of a sexually explicit nature or otherwise likely to be considered unsuitable for a Village Hall.

  • playing of ball games.

  • bringing of alcohol onto the Complex by any person other than the Hirer or the Hirer’s designated representatives.

  • bringing of animals, birds or insects onto the Premises except registered guide dogs other than as provided for a special event agreed to by the Trustee. No animals whatsoever shall be allowed to enter the kitchen or bar area.

  • bringing of bicycles or other vehicles into the Premises, except as may be required by Hirers with disabilities.

  • use of smoke generating equipment.

  • internal or external placards, decorations, display materials, artwork or the like (except plants and flowers). Any such item authorised by the Trustee shall be mounted on boards and removed at the end of each hire period. A Hirer shall have the right to carefully remove offending items left by a previous Hirer and the Trustee accepts no responsibility for loss or damage.

  • use of nails, screws, staples, pins or the like, except drawing pins in notice boards provided.

  1. LAW AND ORDER: The Hirer shall:-

  1. maintain good order in and around the Complex and appoint stewards for the purpose, if appropriate and comply with relevant licensing conditions.

  2. not permit the number of people in any area of the Complex to exceed the legal maximum set out in the “Scale of Fees, Charges and Deposits”.

  3. not permit the use of the Premises for any unlawful purpose or in an unlawful way.

  1. not permit violent, criminal, drunken or disorderly behaviour by any person or persons for whom he or she is responsible on or in the vicinity of the Complex.

  2. not permit alcohol to be served to any person suspected to be drunk or under the age of eighteen.

  3. not allow illegal drugs or substances to be brought onto the Complex.

  4. not permit smoking on the Premises, except in a designated area of the car park.

  5. not carry out or permit fly posting or other unauthorised advertising for any event taking place on the Complex and shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Trustee against all actions, claims and proceedings arising from any breach hereof.

  6. require any person who behaves in a violent, criminal or disorderly manner or is suspected of being drunk or under the influence of drugs to leave the vicinity of the Complex and, if necessary seek police assistance to remove them.

  7. ensure that nothing is done on or in relation to the Premises in contravention of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries.

  8. comply with legal requirements, including but not limited to laws relating to noise levels, licensing, performing rights, copyright and fair trade. If goods are sold on the Premises the organiser’s name and address and total prices of all goods and services shall be clearly prominently displayed and any discounts offered shall be based only on Manufacturers’ Recommended Retail Prices. For further details see Village Hall Information Sheet 34, Sale of goods.

  9. properly restrict viewing by children of age-restricted films classified according to the recommendations of the British Board of Film Classification.

  10. restrict noise and disturbance, to avoid nuisance to other Hirers of the Premises and local residents and ensure that the Complex is entered and vacated quietly.

  11. make proper use of and not bypass any device installed to limit the volume of amplified sound.

Failure to observe these conditions may lead to prosecution by the local authority.

  1. LICENSES: The Hirer maintains the following licenses for Complex, which are on display in the Foyer:

  1. Premises License

  2. Performing Rights Society License

  1. Phonographic Performance Ltd License.

The Hirer shall obtain all other necessary licenses for any event for which he or she is responsible.

A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is required for each licensable activity on the Premises and there is a limit on the number of TENs which can be granted annually for the Premises. Failure by the Hirer to obtain the written agreement of the Trustee (see Booking Request form) before applying for a TEN will result in cancellation of the hiring without compensation as this could affect future fundraising and local voluntary organisation functions.

  1. SECURITY AND SAFETY: The Hirer shall:

  1. maintain the security of the Premises at all times, including the requirements of Section 1 “Entry and exit” of the “Notes for Guidance of the Hirer”. Keep all external doors locked, except when required for access and monitor them when unlocked.

  1. appoint sufficient attendants, each over the age of eighteen, to be on duty on the Premises during each Hire Period, to assist people entering or leaving and supervise the event taking place but subject to the following mimima:

    • If up to 20 persons are present – one attendant

    • If between 21 and 100 persons are present – two attendants

    • If between 100 and 200 persons are present – three attendants

    • If, by prior agreement, over 200 persons are present – to be agreed.

  1. prior to the Hire Period, ensure that each such attendant examines the “Emergency Procedures” and “Notes for Guidance of the Hirer” (on display in the Foyer – copies available on request).

  2. ensure that items brought onto the Premises are safe, including portable electrical equipment, which must comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

  3. ensure that all items and equipment, whether provided with or brought onto the Premises are used in a safe manner.

  1. SPECIAL HAZARDS: The Hirer shall not use or permit the use of flammable or other hazardous materials nor perform or permit any act nor bring onto the Complex any item or substance which may increase the risk of fire or other hazard, including Liquefied Propane Gas (LPG) portable heaters or similar appliances, or which is contrary to the terms of the Trustee’s insurance policy without:-

  1. obtaining the Trustee’s prior written approval.

  1. asking the Trustee to arrange special insurance against any such risks and paying the Trustee’s costs of so doing.

  2. taking such special precautions as may be appropriate to minimise such risks.

  1. ADDITIONAL FIRE PRECAUTIONS: The Hirer agrees that he or she has received instruction in the following matters:

  1. action to be taken in case of fire (including evacuating the Premises and calling the Fire Brigade).

  1. location and use of fire equipment (include location diagram).

  2. escape routes and the need to keep them clear.

  3. method of operation of escape door fastenings.

  4. appreciation of the importance of fire doors in preventing the spread of fire and the need to ensure that fire doors are closed in case of fire.

On commencement of each Hire Period the Hirer shall ensure that:

  1. fire exits are unlocked and panic bolts good working order.

  1. escape routes are free of obstruction and safe for use.

  2. fire doors are not wedged open.

  3. exit signs are illuminated.

  4. there are no obvious fire hazards on the Premises

  5. all persons on the Premises are made aware of emergency exits and escape procedures.

While the Complex is in use the Hirer shall ensure that:-

  1. a count is kept of the number of people on the Premises, to facilitate roll call in case of fire.

  2. fire exits remain unobstructed and available for immediate exit.

  1. “Exit” and other safety signs remain clearly visible.

  2. fire safety equipment is not misused.

  3. no combustible items (e.g. polystyrene, cotton wool) are placed near to light fittings, heaters or other heat sources.

  4. car park entrances remain unobstructed for emergency vehicle access.

The Trustee’s Fire Risk Assessment has identified the timber stage structure and surrounds as being particularly vulnerable to fire. Hirers shall give particular regard to minimising such risk, including:

  1. avoiding possible sources of ignition.

  2. not leaving flammable materials on or about the stage area.

  3. Keeping the fire retardant curtains closed at all reasonable times and at the end of each Hire Period.


  1. ensure that activities for children under eight years of age comply with The Children Act of 1989 and that only fit and proper persons who have passed the appropriate Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks have access to the children.

  1. provide appropriate checks if children over eight and/or vulnerable adults take part in activities.

  2. if requested, provide the Trustee with a copy of their Child Protection Policy and CRB checks.

  1. FOOD SAFETY: The Hirer shall ensure that food preparation and service is executed in accordance with statutory requirements for health and hygiene and the supplier’s recommendations. Dairy products, vegetables and meat must be refrigerated and stored in compliance with the Food Temperature Regulations.

  2. HIRER’S PROPERTY: The Trustee shall not be liable for loss of or damage to equipment, vehicles or other property of the Hirer or others attending an event including items left at or stored on the Complex. If any such items are left on Complex after the completion of any Hire Period without the prior written agreement of the Trustee then the Trustee may charge the Hirer such additional Hire Fee as it shall consider reasonable.

  3. DAMAGES AND INDEMNITIES: The Hirer shall be liable for and shall indemnify the Trustee against all claims, losses, damages and costs arising from any act or neglect of the Hirer or any person for whom the Hirer is responsible, whether incurred during a Hire Period or while preparing for or making good after a Hire Period, in respect of any:

  1. damage (including accidental and malicious damage) to any part of the Complex or the contents thereof

  2. injury, damage or loss of property suffered by the Trustees employees, volunteers, agents or invitees

  3. nuisance caused to any third party.

Insofar as the Trustee maintains insurance in relation to the liabilities of non-commercial hirers, the Trustee shall claim against such insurance for the Hirer’s liability but the Hirer shall remain liable for any difference between the amount of liability and the monies received under the insurance policy, including any insurance excess incurred.

Immediately prior to the commencement of any Hire Period or setting up period the Hirer shall inspect the Complex and notify the Trustee of any visible damage to the Complex and its contents.

On completion of each Hire Period or at such other time as has been agreed by the Trustee in writing, the Hirer shall promptly complete the Making Good of the Premises. If, in the opinion of the Trustee the Making Good is not properly executed or completed, it may arrange for its completion and charge the Hirer the cost thereof, including the costs of disposal of any items left on the Premises. The Trustee shall not be liable to reimburse the Hirer in relation to the value of any item so disposed of.

If any damage is such as to require the closure of the Complex or any part thereof, the Hirer shall reimburse the Trustee for any loss or expense arising from such closure.

  1. INSURANCE: The Trustee maintains insurance in respect of:

  1. claims arising out of any act or neglect of the Trustee or the Trustees employees, volunteers, agents or invitees

  2. costs of repair of fire, accidental or malicious damage to the Complex and its contents

  1. claims, losses, damages and costs made against or incurred by the Trustee or the Trustees employees, volunteers, agents or invitees in respect of damage or loss of property or injury to persons or in respect of nuisance caused to any third party arising as a result of the use of the Premises (including the storage of equipment) by non-commercial Hirers.

Commercial Hirers shall arrange suitable public liability insurance and provide the Trustee with proof thereof.

If clarification is required of the nature and extent of the Trustees insurance the Hirer may make arrangements with the Trustee to inspect the relevant policy documents.

If intending to employ commercial contractors the Hirer should ensure that such contractors maintain suitable insurances.

  1. ACCIDENTS AND DANGEROUS OCCURRENCES: The Hirer shall promptly report to the Trustee:

  1. all accidents involving injury to the public and shall submit an Accident Report on the form attached to the Conditions of Hire.

  2. any failure of equipment belonging to the Hall or brought in by the Hirer.

Certain types of accident or injury must be reported, in accordance with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR), on a special form to the Incident Contact Centre. The Trustee will provide assistance in completing this form, if required.

The Incident Contact Centre can be contacted by:

  1. CANCELLATION BY HIRER: With 4 week’s notice – no payment required. With only 2 week’s notice – 50% of the booking fee payable. Within 2 weeks of the booking date – full hiring fee payable. If a booking is cancelled and another booking made for the same date then full hiring fee payable. NB actually stated by £100 Deposits for weddings are not refunded


  1. refuse any booking without explanation or compensation.

  1. cancel or interrupt a letting at any time, without refund, if it considers that an event is or might reasonably be thought to be unlawful, might lead to a breach of licensing conditions or is materially contrary to these Conditions of Hire.

  2. cancel or interrupt a letting at any time and refund to the Hirer any Hire Fee and/or deposit paid if the Premises become unfit for the intended use or are required as a poling station for a Parliamentary or Local Government election or by-election or as an emergency shelter for victims of or persons at risk of fire, flood, snowstorm, explosion or the like. The Hirer may wish to insure against possible losses in case of such cancellation or interruption.

  1. FACILITIES: The Hirer may make such use of available facilities as is reasonable in relation to the purpose for which the Premises are hired, including:-

  1. items of furniture and equipment which have been agreed as appropriate for the purposes for which the Premises have been hired.

  1. electrical lighting and power systems.

  2. water heaters.

  3. room heating and ventilating systems.

  4. Kitchen equipment for washing up or catering, where the appropriate fee has been paid.

  5. The cleaning equipment and supplies, kept in the cleaner’s room.

The piano shall not be used or moved without prior written approval and shall take such measures as may be appropriate to protect the piano, by covering or otherwise. The Hirer shall bear any costs of retuning and/or the making good of damage to flooring and other surfaces in case of wrongful use.

  1. FUEL AND POWER: The Hirer shall:

  1. turn off heating, ventilating, lighting, electrical and gas-powered equipment, water heaters, kitchen equipment, etc. when not in use and on completion of each Hire Period.

  2. if heating is timer controlled, not set the timer beyond the end of the Hire Period.

  1. not use any equipment requiring unusually high levels of power use without the Trustee’s written approval.

If the Trustee considers that any equipment has been used and/or left on unnecessarily, or if the amount of fuel or power consumed is excessive, the Hirer shall pay the cost of the consumption in excess of that which the Trustee, at its sole discretion, shall consider reasonable.

  1. STAGE LIGHTING INFRASTRUCTURE: If renting the Premises for a performance or the like the Hirer may, by prior arrangement with Whittlesford Amateur Dramatic Society, make reasonable use of the Projection Room and stage lighting infrastructure and connect his own stage lights to the dimmed sockets mounted on the stage lighting bars and in the stage area. Stage lights stored within the Complex or mounted on the lighting bars are the property of Whittlesford Amateur Dramatic Society and must not be used without their prior written approval and payment of any fee due to them in respect thereof.

All operators of sound/lighting equipment must be:

  1. properly trained and experienced in the use of such facilities.

  1. not less than 18 years of age, or under the direct supervision of such a person.

  2. approved by the Trustee. The Trustee automatically approves such qualified members of Whittlesford Amateur Dramatic Society as are responsible for its lighting and sound.

  1. VACATING THE PREMISES: The Hirer shall vacate the Premises promptly at the end of each agreed Hire Period, or any earlier time imposed by law. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Trustee making good shall be completed within each Hire Period ready for the next user. If the Hirer occupies the Premises or any part thereof beyond any agreed Hire Period, the Hirer shall pay such additional Hire Fee and/or loss and expense incurred by the Trustee or by subsequent users of the Premises as the Trustee, at its sole discretion shall consider reasonable.

Emergency Procedures

In Case Of Fire:

Evacuate the building immediately

Assemble in the car park and immediately take roll call there. The Hirer must keep a record of the numbers of people on the Premises

If the fire is small, use the fire extinguishers located on the stage in the main hall, in the foyer, the kitchen and the projection room (see plan with Booking Request form).

Dial 999 and call the fire brigade promptly, regardless of the fire size. The telephone located in the Foyer may be used, if it is safe to do so.

Alert neighbours immediately.

Report to the Trustee.

In Case of Flood:

Turn off (clockwise) the mains water stopcock in the cleaner’s room (back left bottom corner – blue pipe).

In Case of Electrical Fault:

Turn off the electricity at the main circuit breaker on the distribution board to the right in the electrical room off the main hall.

Telephone the caretaker.

In Case of Power Failure:

Emergency lighting will come on. Evacuate the building

In Case of a Gas Leak:

Evacuate the building

Do not use the hall telephone or mobile telephones within the building

Do not use light or other switches. The exit lighting system should provide sufficient light

From the Foyer entrance lobby, enter the Green Room (behind the stage), turn right on entry to locate the gas supply and turn the gas supply lever to off

Once gas is turned off, open the doors to ventilate

From outside the Premises, telephone the gas emergency number:

0800 111 999.

Notes for Guidance of the Hirer

BEFORE arrival, please study these Notes, the Conditions of Hire and the plan attached to the Scale of Fees, Charges and Deposits, showing locations of fire fighting and other equipment (copies on display in the Foyer).

  1. Preparation

To make arrangements for entry/exit, to pay the Deposit and for further information, contact the Caretaker (see Booking Request form) at least 7-10 days before your event.

  1. Emergency Procedures

See separate sheet.

  1. Parking

Space is available at the Complex for up to 30 cars, which is shared by all Hirers. Additional street parking is available nearby. Please ensure that parking is used sensibly and with due consideration for local residents (see “Conditions of Hire”). For large events, please suggest that users consider sharing cars, particularly if alcohol is to be served.

  1. Entry

First entry: You will be issued with an Access Token and a burglar alarm access code. BEFORE entry, ensure that you know the code, then:

  1. from the car park, proceed along the right-hand side of the building and through the gate at the end to the Duxford Road entrance.

  1. present the Access Token to the reader on the wall to the right of the door, to briefly release the lock.

  2. immediately on entering the rear lobby, disarm the burglar alarm by entering your access code at the white box marked ‘Burglar Alarm’.

  3. if the alarm sounds, re-enter the alarm code. If still unsuccessful, ring the Caretaker (see bottom of Booking Request form or Booking Confirmation form) or, if he/she is unavailable, Mr G Rusted on 833870 for alternative procedure.

Main entrances: From within the building, you can unlock the external doors to the car park. For security reasons, keep all external doors locked, except when required for access and monitor them when unlocked.

Fire exits: Fire exits cannot be locked from inside and must be kept unobstructed.

Internal doors: If necessary, you will be issued with keys to appropriate internal doors.

  1. Exit

Each time the Premises are vacated, ensure that the last persons to leave:

  1. make good the Premises (see “Making Good”)

  1. turn off all heating and ventilating systems (see “Heating & ventilation controls”)

  2. turn off all water heating systems (see “Water heating”) and the water boiler and cooking equipment if used (see “Kitchen Facilities”).

  3. ensure that the refrigerator is emptied and left clean and locked.

  4. secure all external doors and those internal doors found locked on arrival (see “Entry”)

  5. turn off all lights. Note: Fire Exit lighting will continue to provide some light, after general lighting is switched off.

  6. re-arm the burglar alarm system by entering your access code. Check the alarm display panel for warnings if any external door is not properly closed. When instructed by the alarm display panel to leave the building, exit via the Duxford Road entrance, ensuring that the door shuts and relocks.

  7. press and hold the button to the right of the door (viewed from the outside), for 4 seconds. The alarm buzzer should stop a few seconds after release. Do not leave until the buzzer has stopped.

  8. return keys and access tokens as appropriate to the Caretaker. Access tokens and keys are expensive and, if lost, will be replaced at the Hirer’s expense.

  1. Stage and Green Room

Except when directly involved in authorised performances, do not allow children on the stage, or in the Green Room (backstage) area.

Except for the purposes of authorised performances, do not allow the stage curtains to be used, tampered with or left open.

  1. Playgroup Room

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, Millennium Room hire does not include the Playgroup Room, or any equipment therein, which is generally for the use of Playgroup and Out of School Club.

  1. Store rooms

Playgroup Room Stores: Stores in the Playgroup Room are for Playgroup use only.

Millennium Room Stores: The two large stores at the end of the room are for the use of Playgroup and Out of School Club. The store on the side wall, by the kitchen is for the use of Indoor Bowls Club

Bar storage: The Bar/Small Meeting Room doubles as a furniture store, where the balance of the chairs, tables and the stage extension system (which doubles for use as additional tables, etc.) are kept.

Electrical Room/store: The electrical room off the Main Hall, by the kitchen, offers general storage and contains the electrical distribution board and noise restriction system controls. It is accessed by a digital lock the code for which will be given to those Hirers who need access.

Under-stagefront stores: The bays under the front of the stage are for the use of designated regular users, by agreement with the Trustee.

Green Room (backstage) stores: Storage in the Green Room is for the use of Whittlesford Amateur Dramatic Society but arrangements can be made for restricted use by other users, with the agreement of the Trustee.

Kitchen store: The lockable store in the kitchen contains the Catering Utensils. See “Kitchen facilities” below.

  1. Gas and electrical power consumption

Please consider the environment and help ensure the financial viability of the Complex by turning off heating and ventilating, lighting, electrical and gas powered equipment, etc. when areas are not in use.

  1. Lighting and electrical power

Motion detectors giving timed light cycles control toilet and green room lighting. Millennium Room Storeroom lights are controlled automatically, by opening and closing their doors. Elsewhere, light switches and electrical power sockets are conveniently located. Amplified sound systems must use the noise controlled 13A power outlets located on the stage.

  1. Water heaters

For the safety of Hirers, do NOT adjust water temperature controls, without the Trustee’s prior approval.

Toilet water heaters are of the demand type and should not be turned off without the Trustee’s approval.

In case of problems, water heaters are located:

Male and Female Toilets: Within vanitory casings provided in each toilet.

Playgroup Toilets: The Male Toilet water heater also serves the Playgroup Toilets.

Playgroup sink and Disabled Toilet: In the store in the corner of the Playgroup room.

Kitchen: In the electrical room.

Bar: Under the sink.

  1. Heating & ventilation controls

In periods of particularly cold weather, the Hirer may wishes to start heating systems up to an hour before a Hire Period commences.

Controls for heating and ventilating systems are located in the cleaner’s room.

Memorial Hall: Set the Main Hall timer to not more than the required period. The Hall benefits from warm water underfloor heating and may take a little while to reach optimum temperature.

Millennium Suite (Clubroom and/or Playgroup Room): Set the Club Room timer to not more than the required period.

Foyer and Toilets: Pressing the green button instigates a timed heating cycle.

Kitchen: Extractor on the wall near the hob.

  1. Kitchen facilities

The kitchen may only be used if the appropriate fee has been paid (see Scale of Fees and Deposits).

It is illegal to take glassware into the kitchen. It must be distributed and/or washed up in the Bar area (if hired) or cleaner’s room.

We aim to ensure that each Hirer leaves the Premises clean but if, on commencing a Hire Period, you find the kitchen is not suitably clean, please contact the Caretaker. Do not prepare or serve food in unsanitary conditions!

Tea towels and other linen: The Hirer must provide suitable tea towels and other linen. Do not use those belonging to other Hirers.

Worktops and boards: Use the boards provided for cutting, not stainless steel tops.

Oven and Hob: Training is necessary before use, by arrangement with the Caretaker.

Refrigerator: Food & drink should be stored between 2￿C and 5C. If the digital readout shows temperatures outside this range, contact the Caretaker. To comply with Environmental Health requirements, the fridge door must be kept locked, being unlocked only to deposit or remove food or drink.

Water boiler: Care is required when operating the water boiler and training is necessary before use, by arrangement with the caretaker. For safety reasons, the water supply must be turned on at all times when the boiler is on.

The Catering Utensils: if the Catering Utensils form part of the hire, you will have been issued a key to the lockable cupboard in the kitchen, where they can be found.

Kitchen bins: Ensure that bin liners are correctly placed in the bins and that all spillage is promptly cleared up.

  1. Toilets

Male, female, disabled (unisex) and a separate Playgroup toilet are provided. For large functions, the Playgroup toilet should be used as additional female toilet facilities, by prior arrangement.

  1. Furniture and equipment

Please ensure that you agree with the Trustee, in advance, the types and quantities of furniture and equipment included in the hire.

The Hirer is responsible for setting out the stage system, tables, chairs and other furniture included in the hire and, on completion of the Hire, returning them to where they were found and storing them neatly in the correct positions. The stage system and tables should be transported and stacked on their storage dollies. Chairs should be transported on their trolleys and stored in stacks of 9. It is very difficult to get the chairs out if they are not stacked properly.

The Hirer shall take such measures as may be appropriate to protect the piano, by covering or otherwise but shall not move it or permit it to be moved. If the piano is moved, the Hirer shall bear the cost of retuning, in addition to the making good of damage to flooring and other surfaces.

  1. Discos and bands

Discos and bands should enter the building via the external door of the Green Room (backstage), which can be opened from within.

  1. Stage facilities – See Conditions of Hire regarding “Stage Lighting Infrastructure”

The Projection Room for the stage lighting system is located above the Bar and is accessed via a trap door

A ladder, which is stored in the Bar Store provides access to the Projection Room and lighting bars.

A deaf loop has been installed, for those in the audience with hearing aids.

In addition to the stage curtain track, a rear curtain track is provided for use with backdrops.

A noise control system is in operation, controlling the 13A socket outlet on the stage, which must be used for events involving amplified sound. The control panel is located in the electrical room, on the side wall of the Main Hall, by the kitchen.

The Stage Extension System is available for hire, to provide an additional stage area of 6mx2.25m, or a catwalk of up to 9mx1.5m. This is stored in the Bar. Guidance on the use and erection of this system is available, on request.

Smoke generating equipment should not be used, as it may compromise the fire alarm system.

  1. Cleaning equipment and supplies

The cleaner’s room is located next to the disabled toilet and contains basic cleaning equipment and supplies, which can be used, by adults only, for the Making Good.

  1. Making good

On completion of each Hire Period, you must return the Premises, including the toilets, foyer and other general areas, to the condition in which they were found (see “The Making Good” in the Conditions of Hire) and leave it clean and tidy, including washing of floors, as required.

Properly bag garbage, excluding glass and place in the skip. Place glass items in the bottle bank.

  1. Feedback

We are proud of our hall and aim to continue to develop and improve it, for the benefit of our community. We therefore welcome input from Hirers on ideas on how this can be achieved.

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